Frequently Asked Questions

About Fredericksburg, Texas

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What kind of events do you allow on the calendar?
Any event that permits alcoholic beverages is allowed on the calendar.

Do I need to sell alcohol?
You do not need to sell alcohol at the event. You can give out free samples, or allow guests to bring their own beverages (BYOB). You must have a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) permit in order to sell alcoholic beverages. Please remember that if you provide free alcohol, you must follow laws on age restrictions, etc. You can find more details about TABC laws on ages, BYOB, etc. on the TABC General Questions web page.

I don't see very many events listed for future dates, why are there so few?
We strive for accuracy, so future events may only list "live music" or general information rather than specific details. We post information to the calendar as soon as it's received. For the most up-to-date information, subscribe to our email list to receive the latest calendar updates.

What is a winery?
An establishment for making wine. These locations ferment juice on-site to produce wine. A winery may also have a tasting room on-site for sampling vintages, or at another location.

What is a tasting room?
An establishment for wine tasting. These locations blend, sample, and serve wine, but do not always ferment juice onsite or produce the wines they serve. Some Texas wineries have tasting rooms in Fredericksburg, but the actual wine fermentation occurs at another location. Some Fredericksburg wine tasting rooms offer large selections of Texas wines, but do not manufacture any wine.

What is a bar?
A bar is a retail business establishment that serves alcoholic drinks – beer, wine, liquor, and cocktails – for consumption on the premises. [1] The term "bar" is derived from the specialized counter on which drinks are served. Patrons may sit or stand at the bar and be served by the bartender, or they may sit at tables and be served by cocktail servers.

What is B.Y.O.B.?
An acronym for the phrase, "Brink Your Own Bottle" or often "Bring Your Own Beer". Some businesses permit patrons to bring their own bottles of beer, wine, or spirits for consumption on-site, even though they may not sell adult beverages. A few locations charge a minimal "corkage fee" for opening and serving bottles from outside sources. It is a good idea to call ahead and confirm the fee, if any.

Have a question, comment, or event to list? Support at DrinkFBG dot com